Define, Divid, Display

Blackwall Hire offer temporary partitioning for use in exhibitions, party venues, art shows or any indoor space that needs more walls.

With our uniquely versatile system you can define your own space. Our simple, black scheme provides a classic display context. it can be used to create green rooms and dressing rooms and conceal kitchens and storage areas with style. It consists of 2m high panels covered in black, woven fabric which is fire retardant and Velcro compatible. Wall length can be set in increments of 0.5m

We have designed our system to provide a particularly smart and sturdy result without the usual set-up pain.

Our competitive pricing includes a full installation and removal both of which are very quick and quiet and involve no tools or mess. The system does not use metal feet that stick out to create a tripping hazard or damage sensitive floors.

With Blackwall the only thing in contact with the floor is soft fabric.

We are developing a range of accessories to broaden the use of the system starting with a custom-made, gallery quality picture hanging system that attaches to our panels. We also have plinths covered in the same fabric for use in product and art display.

Blackwall Hire also provide a bespoke flat-making service where alternative colours, fabrics and dimensions are required.

The Blackwall Partition System
What do you make of it?
Photos: Alistair Guy - top right & bottom left.
David Christiansen - top left & top middle.
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